I finally get the honor of doing a review for Bloody Monk Consortium, one part of Brain Kave Music Group.  A Collaborative EP between powerhouse lyricists Labal-S (DrMurda Verses) & Leeroy Destroy accompanied by members of the production team of Brain Kave Music Group LLC's : Dox Boogie, Vint Mentalz, PayDay Jones & Sixfire.  Once again Bloody Monk Consortium brings it’s vicious, brutal, ruthless, callous lyrics to some venomous beats brought to you by the Brain Kave Music Group team of masterful producers.  Hip Hop heads who enjoy fierce lyricism delivered in a very artistic way in which is painted in a very visual mental pictures, I suggest you give this album a listen to.

:: Quicksand EP ::
Review by Occupyhiphopnow.com

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:: Dim Mak Mixtape ::

Jersey via California via the dark corners of the underground.  So just where does Bloody Monk Consortium call home?  Hard to tell, but what’s obvious is the rugged heartbeat of this crew.  The west coast production comes from Lex Luger while NJ emcee LABAL-S and Cali’s Leeroy Destroy hold it down.  The end result is a haunting, no bullshit assault of any microphone in their path.

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:: Bloodshed ::

If Freddy Krueger had listened to rap music, I am sure that he owned all albums of Bloody Monk and concerts you would put in the front row with the shirt of the group, as a real groupie ... Leeroy Destroy and Labal-S put it together an album that touches the heights of the dark and evil, unleashing rhymes with poison and full of satanic references, mystical and violent, seasoning it all with two flow and two little voices extremely insightful and perfectly suited to this riot of horrors (in a good way) . The musical productions recall the sound of the 90s and undoubtedly affected by Necro as early Gravediggaz; each track is full of batteries supported by low fats that surround you, they capture you and transport you into a world beyond, the set of strings, brass and dark sample from the horror film plus a few synths give the final blow opening will definitely stargate for the kingdom of the mystery, which are to reign darkness and violence.