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:: Bloodshed ::


Enter the Consortium. The Bloody Monk Consortium. A group that has been putting in work for a minute with the release of a couple E.P.s and now the full length album “Bloodshed”. Be forewarned, listeners should wear headgear, because your head is going to get smacked around by the beats, and the lyrics. Let’s go.

“Call it Watchu Want” opens the album and from the jump you will know what these guys are about. A slow steady thumper with a melodic sample that Leeroy Deestroy and LABAL-S attack with an energy and aggressiveness that Killarmy would be proud of. “Logic Fly” is another example of a track that is reminiscent of something you would have heard on a Flatlinerz album. I don’t mean that as a slight, instead as a compliment. I love tracks that have a creepy sound to them, as it’s hard to balance a track to sound dark without sounding corny, between the production, record scratches, and the MC’s flow this already is a stand out track.

“Cooked Infection” and “Bloodshed” have an urgency in their pace, almost as if the guys are up against the clock to release a knocking track or else they are going to be forced to perform Vanilla Ice covers. These kind of tracks will test even the best sound setups. Hard kicks that you feel in your very core are common place through the entire album.

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The ever-growing Bloody Monk Consortium currently consists (but is not limited to) the following affiliates: rappers Leeroy Destroy and LABAL-S, producers Lex Luger, FuckRICO and DJ ShadowFist, and graffiti writer Kebo. It's quite the eclectic crew geographically, representing both coasts of the United States musically, while representing artists from as far away as Slovenia in ShadowFist's case. What could bring such a widely dispersed array of hip-hoppers together for one common cause? Well in the words of their own bio it's to create the sound found on the "Burden of Truth" EP, which is "utterly raw with explosively charged defiant combative rhyme sequences over dark brooding forceful beats" with a braggart's claim that "their tenacious and relentless approach to verbally assault the sharpest of tracks is cleverly laced with grimey, brutal, horrific yet witty wordplay."

:: Burden of Truth EP ::
Review by Steve 'Flash' Juon

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If you went back to 1997 took the Wu Killa Bees, Jedi Mind Tricks, RA the Rugged Man and put them all in a time machine and brought them to 2009 with CA producer Lex Luger production to spit over this'll give you an idea of what to expect from this project. Raw beats, rough rhymes and tracks that all float around 3:00 of straight up verbal murder.

:: Forged in Blood EP ::
Review by Dart Adams
Poisonous Paragraphs

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